Top 5 Questions:

📷 Can we see a full gallery? // Ask to see an entire gallery - the exact one they send to clients, not just a blog post or portfolio page. Does the photographer have a consistent editing style? Do you like how they shoot portraits? Receptions with little/low lighting? Family photos? Could you picture this style on your wedding day? 

📷 Do you have backups? // Backup batteries, lens, even a camera body…what is the photographer doing to ensure your day goes without hiccups? What happens if they are sick or can’t make it to your day? 

📷 Do you have an assistant/second shooter? // The difference: an assistant carries photography gear, helps set up, etc. A second shooter is another camera which means more coverage for you and more photos 👀 

📷 How soon is our gallery delivered? // Make sure you have this in WRITING. While you’re at it, ask about if you get sneak peeks, too! 💓

📷 Can we sign a contract? // Don’t. Do. Anything. for your wedding without a signed contract outlining what you expect and the services you’ll receive. And if the photographer (or any vendor) won’t sign? 🚩🚩🚩